Kontraperspektiv #4 – A conversation with Carel Boshoff, the president of Orania


Björn Herstad from Skandinavisk Frihet has a conversation with Carel Boshoff, the president of Orania. The program covers among others what Orania is and how it is functioning. Special focus on their ambition to recreate a Christian moral and social order, although in miniature.

Orania is an independent Afrikaner community that strives for Afrikaner self-determination. Orania aims through a process of increasing self-determination to bring about this ideal. Orania’s independent local government has been rendering services and promoting development successfully for twenty years without any state aid.

Orania focuses strongly on the protection and development of Afrikaner culture and has its own set of holidays. Cultural activities play a large role in people’s daily lives. Orania is a community with strong Christian values and the institutions in Orania directly or indirectly promote these values to a new generation of Afrikaners.

http://www.orania.co.za (Oranias official webpage)

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