Kontraperspektiv #11 – Brazil and Bolsonaro (English)


Skandinavisk Frihets educational podcast Kontraperspektiv #11 tackles Brazil’s modern history and focuses on the current political situation with president Bolsonaro.

Learn about the development that resulted in the military taking power in the 1960s, the following democratization, the neo-marxist infiltration of society, leftist politicians alliances with criminals and corruption scandals.  To today with Jair Bolsonaro being elected as president of Brazil. We cover president Bolsonaros background, ideological influences and his first policies directed to ending the left’s monopoly over media and universities.

Björn Herstad from Skandinavisk Frihet is today joined by Levi Borba from USP Livre a conservative and anti-communist news platform in Brazil to discuss this burning topic.



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